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6 Things to do to Have a Genius Baby

Most people want to have genius kids that will grow into the smartest and best young adults. However, to achieve that, there are efforts to put in place, and these efforts begin right from when the child is in the womb.

Research has it that the steps you take and choices you make during pregnancy will influence the kind of child you will have. The reason is that the baby’s brain develops at a quick rate while in the womb. In fact, he is very much conscious of the happenings outside the womb.

The moment we find out there’s a life inside us, we become a mom instantly. So, I will understand if you are so eager to make your baby a genius while inside the womb.

Fetal Brain Development

Have a Genius Baby

3 developmental stages of Fetal

The fetal brain development occurs in various stages. During the early phase (first trimester), the nerve cells form, although the brain does not develop yet. With no pattern or direction, Impulses start to fire. The fetus feels no pain at this stage since its nerves and sensory organs are still to develop.

The first trimester is a delicate stage because that is when the first growths occur. That is why pregnant women should stay away from chemicals and dangerous substances. Healthy and natural fats are also essential for the growth of your baby at this stage too.

In the second trimester, synchronization and differentiation of the nerve functions begin. As the nerves develop, so does the sensory organ begins to form. Around the 5th month, the baby starts to feel and get sensations, although limited.  

At the last stage (third trimester), the brain begins to structure beginning learning abilities and memories. It is at this stage you should expose your unborn baby to sounds, reading, music and so on.

Six things you have to do to make your baby a genius while inside the womb

Regular exercise

Have a Genius Baby

Exercises encourage the body to release mood-boosting endorphins, and this finds its way to benefiting the baby too. What we are talking about here is not the massive kind of exercises; even a mild workout will help you.  

With exercise, your blood flow increases without excluding your womb. With that, your baby’s overall development gets some stimulation.

Furthermore, aerobic exercise by expectant mothers may target the baby’s brain- research says. It enhances the brain function in the child.  

Also, taking a prenatal yoga class as an expecting mother is another way too. It will help you get rid of negative emotions such as nervousness, stress, or anger. Having these lingering in you can transfer to your baby. With better relaxation, your child may witness a better learning process when he/she starts school.  Yoga classes will also help you feel more comfortable as it helps stretch your muscles.

Avoidance of drugs, nicotine, and alcohol

Have a Genius Baby

The American Academy of Pediatrics firmly frowns against drinking or smoking in pregnancy.  This act is said to be one of the significant factors that cause learning disabilities and preventable congenital disabilities in newborns. Total abstinence is better, even a little of alcohol could damage your baby’s intellectual development.   

Increase fish intake in your meal

Have a Genius Baby

Fish and other seafood are highly beneficial to your unborn baby. When you include them in your meals at least weakly, it may enhance your unborn child’s cognitive scores. Also, early symptoms of autism may decrease significantly in your baby.

According to a 2016 study, some kids had 2.8 percent increase in their IQ because their mothers ate about three to four fish servings per week during pregnancy. However, those whose mothers didn’t have as much fish scored lower.

For stronger results, fatty fish like sardines and salmon are useful. They contain DHA which is highly helpful for healthy brain development. DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid which is recommended as a prenatal supplement for all pregnant women. Another beneficial thing about sardines and salmon is that they have lower mercury when compared to larger fish.

Eat healthily

Have a Genius Baby

Fruits and vegetables are essential for your baby’s brain development. As much as you may crave junks, your baby wants real nutrition too. Having healthy meals will provide vitamins that can help your baby with excellent brain development. Intake of folic acid, vitamin D, and iron helps you have a smart and intelligent baby. They have effects on your baby’s mental and physical development.

Eating blueberries are very good for your baby. They are high in antioxidants that are helpful with smartness in unborn babies. Other fruits like its strawberries, tomatoes, pomegranates, raspberries and blackberries and many more, are also antioxidant-rich foods that can protect the baby’s brain tissue and support its development.

Probiotic foods during pregnancy are also very beneficial for your baby’s smartness. Yogurt is an excellent example of such food. Yogurt contains surplus protein, as well as calcium which is very vital for your baby’s bone development. Greek yogurt is, amongst other yogurts, the most nutritious as far as your baby’s mental development is concerned. It has a high level of iodine than other of its types.

Another food that is useful for your baby is almonds. Having a fistful of it daily during pregnancy can give you an intelligent baby. Apart from almond nuts, there are other nuts too that are very healthy. They contain healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins, fiber and brain-boosting omega-3s.

Eating eggs

Eating eggs

Want a fast learner as a baby? Then eat eggs during pregnancy. It will most likely help give your baby a better memory. During research with pregnant rats, revelations were that choline improves learning and memory for their babies. Egg yolks are full of choline which is a vitamin B providing component. It is part of the vital nutrients pregnant women need.

Furthermore, choline is proven to transform the brain’s cell structure which aids cognitive development. Rats that got high choline during pregnancy had their pups having larger neurons for improved critical learning. The chlorine gave the babies brain cells more strength to receive incoming signals. To get enough choline daily, two eggs per day is what pregnant women need.

Eggs are rich in iron and protein which is essential for brain development. Also, they contain a lot of amino acid which boosts the memory of babies.  Iron and protein also help the baby have a good birth weight.

Reading/talking/listen to music with baby

Have a Genius Baby

As silly as it may sound, talking to your unborn baby has a lot of benefits to offer. During a 2013 study, some pregnant women had a recording which was played to their unborn babies towards the end of their pregnancy. After the babies were born, they could recognize the word and its variations. The babies that had more exposure to the recording gave the most powerful response.   

However, talking or reading loudly to your unborn child does do has no proof of it increasing your baby’s intelligence, yet, it could bring about early word recognition for your child.

Babies can recognize voices within their first two months, most especially their parents’. Reading or talking to them helps build a bond between you two. Once the mother’s voice becomes familiar to a child, it gives the baby a soothing and safe feeling. As funny as it may sound, try to talk to your baby frequently, you can even read stories out to create a bond with them.

You can also listen to music with earphones during pregnancy, it will make a difference to the development of fetus. Many researchers believe that listening to music during pregnancy will help to increase the hearing capabilities and concentration skill of baby. In additional, it will help baby to react and move when listen to some sounds, so that reactions will make the baby have continuous motions. Another effect, some people said that the music that you listen will help to improve and make the personality of your baby, calm and soft music will make the baby calm. So we advice you that you should make sure you listen to good classical or sweet music which can help brain development of your baby. We not sure if they are true, but is it worth for giving a try? 🙂

What not to eat to have a genius baby

Avoid soy products. Intake of unfermented soy could cause your baby environmental and food allergies, delayed development, lower IQ, asthma and childhood cancers (leukemia). Fermented soy is safe and healthy, but you have to be sure what you are buying in the store is real fermented soy.

Do not take less fat. Here I’m talking about the healthy fats. You need to have enough of good-fats for your baby to have the right weight, stronger and healthier body and of course, healthy development of the fetal brain.

Avoid unpasteurized milk and soft cheeses: These products may have bacteria in them which could be harmful to both mother and child. For instance, bacteria in unpasteurized milk can cause, listeria salmonella, or E. coli. Another reason to avoid unpasteurized milk in pregnancy is that your immune system lower during this period, so avoiding it is better for you. However, you can take it during your no pregnancy days. Still, there are some cheeses safe to consume while pregnant.

Undrcooked meat and poultry: Eating undercooked meat and poultry can lead to salmonella poisoning, so ensure you cook these thoroughly. Storing should also be done with great care. Separately store your raw beef in the fridge so as not to contaminate other foods. Undercooked meats may have parasites that could be harmful to your baby.  

Heredity and your baby’s intellect

Nature’s contribution to your child’s Intelligence cannot be overlooked. The environment in which your baby develops matters as much as genetics do. The prospective parents’ family history play its role in the development of a baby.   

Biological signs of intelligence may contribute to how your baby’s IQ will turn out to be. Genetics accounts for about 40 percent in a child’s preschool years and around 80 percent in the adulthood years. No wonder people target having a smart person as their partner to make intelligent babies. Intelligence includes the ability to plan, reason, think abstractly, solve problems, and understand complex ideas.

However, the claims that intelligence is inherited is not proven yet. But, some studies suggest that genetics may play a vital role in a child’s IQ.

Ortho Molecular – Prenatal Complete with DHA

Have a Genius Baby

Have a Genius Baby

As a pregnant woman, DHA is an essential nutrient for your baby. That is why Ortho Molecular brings to you the Prenatal Complete with DHA supplement. This prenatal supplement also has hypoallergenic, prenatal multivitamin and minerals to ensure you receive the best quality of nutrients your baby needs.

From preconception to postnatal, this supplement is highly recommended. It takes care of each pregnancy phases you hit by providing the ideal nutrients needed. Prenatal Complete guides you against any form of dietary nutrient deficiencies. It helps you boost and maintain a healthy metabolism while pregnant.  

Furthermore, it prevents you from getting stressed due to nutrient depletion. Prenatal Complete is highly recommended because it is has a high concentration of DHA which is very vital to producing a child with genius brains.


    • Does not upset the stomach
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  • Has a high concentration of DHA

FEBICO Prenatal DHA- Algae Oil Capsules

Have a Genius Baby

Have a Genius Baby

Are you a pregnant woman looking for a natural source of Omega-3 (DHA)? You can trust FEBICO Prenatal DHA- Algae Oil Capsules to offer that to you. Taking this supplement benefits you and your child’s brain and eye health. Ability to learn gets a boost so does your child’s memory get excellent support even before seeing our world. It contains PS (Phosphatidylserine), Astaxanthin, and Lecithin.

Also, this product ideal for use during pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. It supports cardiovascular health and helps prevent heart disease. FEBICO Prenatal DHA helps to boost the mood, combat depression, promote memory, increase mental focus, and so on.


    • It is 100 percent vegan.   
    • Recommended for pregnant women by WHO/FAO and ESFA.
    • No Fish Burp
    • Good for the brain and eyes.
  • Contains three bottles with three months supply


Taking extra care before your baby’s arrival is key to having a genius. The whole work should begin right from when he is in the womb. Foods you eat, exercises you do, music you play, what you read and words you say contribute to developing your unborn baby’s intellect.

As you already know by now, living a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is not negotiable, especially if you wish to have a healthy and smart baby. The choices you make, no matter how little or simply they are, matter a lot.  

With all this article contains, it is evident that there are possible ways to help improve your baby’s intelligence even before they are born. So, you can nurture a smart and intelligent baby before you have him or her in your hands.


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