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Fixing Sleep Patterns with Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow (As Recommended By Experts)

As a woman, getting pregnant can be both exciting and scary moment. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the body. Throughout the process of pregnancy, there are so many things that a mother will experience. Some of them including getting stretch marks and the problem with sleeping. When it comes to a sleep pattern, a mother will either get too much sleep or too little. This has nothing to do with how they were prior to getting pregnant. However, due to changes in hormones, sleep patterns can be disrupted due to pregnancy.

PictureProduct NameShipping WeightProduct DimensionsBest Price
Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow by Leachco
4.9 pounds22.1 x 7.5 x 21.1 inches
Contoured Maternity and Pregnancy Pillow by Woosa Sleep
6.15 pounds
74 x 10 x 10 inches
Comfort Pregnancy Pillow and COOLMAX Replacement Cover by Today’s Mom
Cozy Bump Blue Cozy Pregnancy Pillow
4.45 pounds
13 x 2.5 x 11 inches
Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow by Moonlight Slumber
9.52 pounds
60 x 7 x 35 inches
Waterproof Maternity Pillow by Babymazing
3 pounds 55.1 x 39.4 x 7.9 inches

How Different Stages of Pregnancy Affects Every System in The Body

Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow

The changes of production of the hormone in a pregnant body are common. Every mother will experience different changes. Some might have sensitive breast only the first few months of pregnancy. Some might not experience anything drastic at all. The most common changes in a pregnant woman include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Changes in respiration
  • Breast tenderness
  • Changes in skin pigmentation
  • Mood swings
  • Changes in the levels of blood glucose
  • Changes in kidney function

Due to these sudden changes in the body, often, women start to notice different sleep patterns. Most of the time, they struggle to fall asleep when they most need it. As the baby grows, the uterus will expand. This put a lot of pressure on different parts of the body close to the uterus. You can definitely expect for a mother to struggle with body pain most of the time. Weight gain is very common too. Other than that, a mother is more exposed to stress due to all the crazy shift of hormones throughout pregnancy.

Dealing with Sleep Patterns During Pregnancy

It is very important for a woman to know her body. Even if she doesn’t, she should not consume something that might cause her to feel uncomfortable. It is very common for a mother to have a different appetite. When she is craving for something, she will want it until she gets it. Often, these cravings can be unhealthy. Due to this, it is usual for these cravings to affect the way a mother would sleep. When dealing with insomnia or excessive sleeping, a mother has to understand what is necessary and what is not.

Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow

Some of the simplest ways to deal with disruptive sleep patterns are by using light therapy boxes. These therapy boxes will be able to fix the circadian rhythms in the pregnant mothers’ bodies. 20-30 minutes per day is all a pregnant woman needs in order to manage their bodies. Other than that, the dawn simulators are very useful too. These simulators mimic the natural light of the sun and how it gradually increases. When you wake up in the morning, the dawn simulators will gradually increase the intensity of their lights. This way, you will not be in shock. You will naturally get up due to the light. These simulators are very useful for a pregnant woman with a sleeping problem.

Fixing Sleep Problem with Special Pillows

What is better than hugging a Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow? If you are back is hurting, pillows are the luxury of all things during pregnancy. Most women tend to sleep on their sides. According to American Pregnancy Association, it is important for mothers to sleep on their sides. Preferably, on the left side. This is because the liver is on the right side of our abdomen. During pregnancy, uterus expands and lying on the left side will benefit the mothers. By sleeping on the left side, the uterus will be kept off of the liver. Other than that, it is believed that sleeping on the left side promotes better blood circulation to the heart. This way, the blood will flow smoothly to the kidneys, uterus, and fetus.

There are many types of pregnancy pillows in the market. A good sleeping pillow will help you improve one or more of these things:

  • Insomnia
  • Back pain
  • Heartburn
  • Increased size of the abdomen
  • Shortness of breath

In order to get the best of your sleeping experience, you should put a pillow between your legs. Keep your knees and legs comfortably bent. When you are pregnant, you should avoid sleeping on your back at all cost. This is because this position might trigger many problems. Among them include low blood pressure, digestive system, inconsistent breathing, backaches, hemorrhoids, and more. Other than that, you definitely avoid sleeping on your stomach. Do you even need a reason for it? Well, everything is difficult when you are sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy.

Try Pregnancy Sleeping Pillows

Because it is important for a mother to sleep well during pregnancy, a pillow will always improve the quality of sleep. The common rules of using pregnancy pillows include putting it under your top leg. Do not put the pillow between your knees, though. Always keep your foot, knee, and hip of your top leg at the same height. You should also ensure that your neck is kept straight.

Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow by Leachco

This easy-off zippered cover pillow has a unique C-shape design. Due to its distinct shape, pregnant mothers can easily sleep within multiple positions. This pregnancy pillow is very comfortable because it helps support your body better. For a better night’s sleep, it provides good support for your back, hips, and stomach. Because we all know how one pillow is never enough, this is why this pillow will help you throughout the night. The design is created in order to follow the natural shape and contour of a woman’s body. This way, it can relax you better. Even after giving birth, this pillow will work well while you nurse your baby.

Contoured Maternity and Pregnancy Pillow by Woosa Sleep

This pillow is organic with latex interior and plush bamboo cover. Made in the USA, it has multiple uses. Due to its design, it does make you feel like you are having multiple pillows with you. The target of this invention is to keep the spine properly aligned while sleeping. This way, it can get rid of the stiffness and tension throughout the body. A pregnant mother definitely needs this the most. Because even while sleeping, their bodies seem to get tired easily. This pillow comes with a bamboo cover which is both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. The cover is very comforting and the inner material consists of supportive and soft organic latex. For expecting mothers, great body pillows have become an important thing for them. Thus, the reason why you should get this pillow. Especially if you are suffering from body pain and always waking up stiff and sore.

Comfort Pregnancy Pillow and COOLMAX Replacement Cover by Today’s Mom

This gigantic body pillow screams the word comfort everywhere! When it comes to maternity pillows, it can be hard to find good ones. But this pillow by Today’s Mom is definitely a good choice.  One of the biggest problems with pregnancy pillows has been the hard edges. These edges of the pillow tend to dig deep into the shoulders and making it’s slightly uncomfortable. Even though pregnancy pillows are created in order to give extra comfort, certain pillows actually can make the matter worse. Other than that, this pillow will support the big belly easily. It allows mothers to sleep comfortably without worrying whether or not their babies are supported.

Cozy Bump Blue Cozy Pregnancy Pillow by Cozy Bump.

Find your solutions for safely cradle baby bumps so you can rest on your stomach and assist in relieving lower back pain by Cozy Bump. This pillow is designed specifically by a doctor who understood the importance of good sleeping pillow for mothers. It is safe and comfortable. You can rest your stomach freely on it and worry nothing about your body position. It also comes in free different sizes of petite, average and plus. This maternity pillow is filled with fine micro bed and thus, making it adjustable. As soon you rest your whole body on it, the filling follows the contour of your body and provides the support that you need. Funny thing is that it’s not only comfortable for pregnant women. Even men with bigger bellies will benefit from it too!

Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow by Moonlight Slumber

Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow
Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow

It is huge. It is made of cotton. It is made in the USA. This pillow will assist you with good night sleep throughout the hours! The distinct shape of U of this pillow helps in aligning your neck, shoulders, back, and hip while sleeping. It will also improve the circulation of your blood flow by regulating your body temperature. Thus, resulting in a good deep sleep. It is also easy to wash and all you have to do is throw the whole pillow in both washing and dryer machines. Even with constant washing sessions, the pillow will never clump together. Therefore, you can expect a long-lasting product that will give you many advantages.

Waterproof Maternity Pillow by Babymazing

This relaxing pillow is not only recommended for expecting mothers but also for children. It is not in a huge size, therefore, anyone can definitely use it as well. For expecting mothers, it promotes better sleep pattern. And, for mothers who are currently breastfeeding, it will support the baby better during feeding. This pillow allows you to experience multiple comfortable resting positions. This is possible without giving you constant soreness as you wake up in the morning. For mothers, this pillow is a good choice since it will also able to re-position the fetus.

Do You Really Need a Special Pillow?

Majority of the time, expecting mothers would rather spend their money on the baby’s kinds of stuff. Since it can be easier to shift your body around to find that comforting position, special pillows might not be necessary. However, if you are suffering from a serious sleeping problem during pregnancy, you should invest in one of these pillows. One of the most common reasons why mothers have trouble sleeping comfortably is due to restlessness. Even when they feel like sleeping, the babies themselves are still growing. It makes it harder for mothers to sleep at night when the babies are constantly moving and kicking around.

Different Stages of Pregnancy Affects Your Sleep Pattern

This is where special pillows come in. Pillows that are designed for expecting mothers will not only give comfort but will also support the development of babies. If you love sleeping on your stomach, you should change this habit by the second trimester. The weight of your body will mess up the whole circulation. By the third trimester, it can be a lot harder. Even if you follow the good thumb rule of sleeping on the left side, by this time, it’s already tiring for your body. Therefore, good sleeping pillows are pretty crucial for pregnant mothers.

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Starting a home garden is not as easy as it sounds, especially for beginners who have no experience in farming.

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6 Steps For Anti-Aging Beauty Routine with Youthful Skin

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful and remain youthful? Of course, we can’t stop the progression of becoming old. But we can always fool the mirrors, people or even the cameras. You can make them think that you are younger than you are. In this blog post, we have compiled the steps for anti-aging beauty routine for a youthful skin. If you want to remain like a 21-year-old even in your late 50s, keep reading on.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Skin

6 Steps For Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

Do you want a healthy and youthful skin? Then, you have to clean that face all the time! We are constantly exposed to pollutants, natural skin oils, and bacteria. Even your makeup and skincare products have accumulated particles that can cause irritations. In order to maintain your skin barrier, you must use a gentle cleanser. A mild cleanser will not dehydrate or damage your skin. By maintaining the pH level of your skin, you will be able to preserve your skin better.

After cleaning your skin with facial cleansers, you are taught to apply toners soon after that. However, the fact is that toners were created in order to restore the skin with balanced pH level. To make it easier for you to understand it, we will explain it in two ways. If you are using a high-pH cleanser, you need to use toner. If your cleanser has lower pH level, then it is not necessary for you to apply face toner.

Step 2: Exfoliate The Dead Cells From Your Skin

6 Steps For Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

Age comes with a variety of disadvantages. Your skin will start to slow down in the process of replenishing itself as you age. If you have dead skin cells, you can expect to have dull-looking and uneven skin. At some point, you might start noticing cracks and wrinkles. By applying exfoliants, you are will be able to get rid of the dead cells off your skin.

Now, there are two different types of exfoliants in the market. They are the physical exfoliants and chemical exfoliants. For those who are always attracted to physical exfoliants, you might want to stop using them if you have saggy skin. This is because cleansers with beads or sugar scrubs are known to make your skin become saggier. Instead, it is recommended for you to try soft sponge or washcloth. Chemical exfoliants are suitable for all types of skin and ages. They are known to be the best kind of exfoliants. You should opt for lactic acid or glycolic acid exfoliants. These acids can be found in serums, toners, and at-home peels.

Step 3: Try to Use Light Therapy Device to Enhance Your Skin

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

There have been multiple types of research and studies that proved light therapy devices are good for skin. If you want to avoid saggy and wrinkled skin, try LED light therapy home devices. It is also getting easier for consumers to get light therapy by themselves. Some of the devices that might work well for you include:

Skin RejuvaliteMD Red LED Light Therapy Beauty Device by Trophy

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

This anti-aging therapy lamp is clinically approved. Its main ability in treating wrinkles is one of the main reasons why you should get this lamp. Other than that, it can improve the age spots and treat skin damages caused by the sun easily. You do not need to go under the invasive medical procedures just to fight skin aging. The good news about it is that this red light therapy lamp does not use UV light or harmful lasers. It is completely safe to use and will not cause any pain. This device also contains four bulbs. They are red, yellow, amber and infrared. Each of these bulbs has different wavelengths that deal with different symptoms.

Skin Clinical Reverse Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy Device

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

If you are looking to increase collagen and reduce skin wrinkles, get this device. It reverses the aging process and stimulates the production of new collagen. As a result, you will get a younger-looking skin. This affordable light therapy device is able to be used at home and safe for consumers. Most medical practices and med-spas also claimed to use this device. All you need is minimum of 3 minutes per day for each area. This will allow the production of collagen to be increased over time. According to the reports and reviews, 84% of participants showed improvement after 8 weeks. The fine lines and wrinkles have decreased and skin texture has improved significantly.

RED Light Therapy Premium Infrared LED Anti-Aging Home Device

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

This is considered as one of the best light therapy devices. Its red light helps effectively in rejuvenating the skin. With an ergonomic design, it can definitely satisfy the needs of your beauty and skincare routine. This device has been used by many plastic surgeons and dermatologists all around the world. If you want a high-quality home device, this is your choice.

3D Phototherapy Color LED Mask

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

If you want to shrink your pores and speed up detoxification, get this LED mask for yourself. Apart from that, it can also increase the oxygen and activate the skin. By using natural light waves, this LED mask is specifically designed for beautification. It has seven different colors of lights. Each of these lights treats different symptoms of aging skin. Some of them include activating collagen, removing rough dead skin cells and increasing skin elasticity.

Bright Therapy Softlaser Plus LLLT Light Therapy Laser

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

With 1.76 ounces of weight, this light therapy laser device is definitely easy to use. Some of its features include USA-designed and engineered, and comes with high power at 635nm Red laser. This affordable light therapy device covers a large area of skin. It also helps in rejuvenating skin and creating a healthier appearance. If you are looking to appear younger than ever, you should get this Bright Therapy device.

Lift Care Rejuven Light LED Light Therapy

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

This set of device comes with four interchangeable heads that promote anti-aging. If you are looking for skin rejuvenation that helps in increasing collagen, this is your perfect device. It also helps in lightening dark spots and heal blemishes. This device is powered by an exclusive Nano LED technology. The way it works is by penetrating deep into the tissues in your body. This is also to give the maximum effectiveness of healing. After a couple of weeks, you can expect more moisturized skin and healthier skin tone.

Step 4: Apply Anti-Aging Serums

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

Your skin care routine is never complete without serums. Most people will skip serums and go straight to moisturizers. However, serums are known to have a higher concentration of active ingredients. If you are looking for good serums, find the ones that come with vitamin C and vitamin A. Serums help as antioxidants and remedy in increasing collagen in your skin. When applying for serums on your skin, always pat it. Do not ever rub the serum across your face. This is to allow the maximum coverage on your face.

Step 5: Moisturize Your Skin

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

After serums, now you can move on to moisturizer. Most people know what kind of moisturizing creams are suitable for them. As you age, your skin will have less sebum. While having less sebum also equals to less acne, it can also indicate drier skin. This is when moisturizer is highly needed. When you have dry skin, your face is prone to have fine lines. A quick fix would be to apply proper moisturizer on your skin. Find a moisturizer that has water-binding humectants such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Apart from apply moisturizer, you have to ensure that your skin is free of bacteria as well!

Step 6: Finishing It Off with Sunscreen

6 Steps for Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

Unhealthy skin is also usually caused by sun damage. When you are outdoors, it is advisable for you to apply sun protection. It does not matter how long you are outdoors, sunscreen is vital. So use it as often as you can. If possible, apply sunscreen every day. By practicing it every day, it can improve skin texture. Your age spots will also fade away because of this. After 3 months, you can expect to see your wrinkles flattened out by 20%.

Extra Precaution in Achieving Anti-Aging Skin

When it comes to a skincare routine, it is normal for women (and even men) to want faster results. But if you start from early ages, you will be able to slow down the process of aging. Not that we want to appear like vampires and immortal, but healthier skin means a healthier body. With a better appearance, it also comes with the more positive outlook on life.

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