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Red Light Therapy: All You Need to Know

For those of you who don’t know what light therapy is, or may have probably heard of it, and want to give it a try, perhaps you should understand what light treatment entails.

Light therapy is a skin therapy, where exposure to a certain kind of light, affects the skin, which in turn clears the skin, clearing sunburns, scars, and even curing some skin conditions. The effects of the light are dependent on the color of the light. But whatever color it is, it is usually for the clearing and treatment of the skin. For this article, we will be considering the red light therapy, its effect (both positive and negative, and how it works).

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[Report] – 7 Common Causes of Back Pain in Women

Who doesn’t hate it when a back pain strikes them? It is common for women to start having back pain starting at the age of 30. According to a case study by Marietta Babayev, most back pain in elderly women is caused by mechanical strain. But what about women of younger ages? There are multiple causes of back pain in younger women.

Men and women have different bodies. The size, shape, and muscles are very different compared to one another. When performing activities, men and women will react differently to the results of the activities. If you are subject to a lot of physical strain and mental stress, back pain is common for you. We are about to discuss 7 common causes of back pain in women in this article.

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7 Best At-Home Light Therapy Products for Neck Pain

A neck pain can be a nuisance. Any neck pain that is located in the neck area is considered common. This medical condition can be a cause of different types of disorder. Some people get this due to the sudden rise in high blood pressure. However, there are individuals who suffer this due to a pinched nerve, degenerative disc disease, a herniated disc or neck strain. If you are prone to a throat infection, the virus can also cause a neck pain.

Some people started having chronic neck pain at a young age. Some people suffer at a later age in their lives. Whatever that you are going through, a serious neck pain should not be left unnoticed. If you suffer more than two weeks, seek a medical attention immediately. A chronic neck pain can be a cause of an underlying disease. You should never ignore it. It can be one of many symptoms of an illness.

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What Causes Migraine and How to Treat It?

A migraine is a disabling disease. The pain in the eye socket, temples and even on your neck can be annoying. For many people, migraine can be very disturbing. It can cause such an extremely painful headache. Not only that, you will also suffer from sensitivity to the sounds and light and even nausea. Most of the time, this condition can last for hours. But sometimes, migraine can last for one or two days! Some people can’t even sleep because of the pain itself. The worst part about it is that nothing can really treat it. That is why a lot of people are taking the painkiller. While painkiller literally “kill” the pain, it doesn’t really heal it.

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