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How to Live Longer and Healthier When You Are in Middle Age

Who doesn’t want to live longer and healthier? We all want to look and feel young even when we hit the 60s. If you are in the middle age, this is the best time to start making changes. A few good changes in the way you live your life will help you live better. Did you know that there are four bad behaviors that lead to quick aging? If you love excessive drinking, you are exposed to worst disease problems. Also if you smoke, you can get lung cancer. If you are too lazy to exercise or eat greens, you will have an unhealthy life too. And if you fail to lead a healthy lifestyle, best believe that you are hustling your way into the looking older!

We have compiled a few tips and information for those who the secrets. What kind of secrets, you asked? Well, how to live longer and healthier especially when you are in the middle age. Without further ado, continue to read on to learn more.

Change Your Habits

Lucky for you, by doing something to change your lifestyle will grant you a healthier life. The first thing that you should do is by changing your habits. A good habit will lead to a good behavior. And, a good behavior will lead to good healthy life. There are nine main habits that you should change in order to have a better life.

How to live longer and healthier

Do Not Overeat – If you can’t finish the food, then why bother? It is always a good idea to stop eating when your body tells you enough. If you overeat, the chance of you getting illnesses is higher. According to experts, older folks in Japan tend to practice the habit of eating up until 80% only. This habit is considered really good for those who want to lose weight too. By stopping eating at the right time, you allow your body to carry fewer calories. When you have more calories, your body tends to speed up the aging process.

Get Busy – Did you know that when you keep yourself busy, it helps to lower your blood pressure. This holds true especially when you have satisfying sex. Make love to your partner between two to three times per week. This can add up to three or four years to your life! Why? Because it protects your heart, boost your immunity and improve your sleep. And, did we mention lowering your blood pressure? Getting busy by making love can burn a lot of calories. It equal to 30 minutes of running. So, the question is which one would you rather do?

Limit TV Time – You won’t believe this but a study in 2010 reported that watching too much TV can lead to serious toll on your health. People who watch TV more than four hours a day have the percentage of up to 46% more likely to die earlier. This study is compared to people who spend time watching TV less than two hours a day. So, if you want to decrease the risk of serious health issue, turn off the TV when it becomes too much.

Avoid Sun – We are not trying to tell you to stay out of the sun completely. Just make sure that you are not spending too much time expose under the sun. If you need to, always make sure that you put sunscreens on. Re-apply your sunscreen at in 30 minutes interval if you stay outdoor more than one hour. Sun exposure can cause skin cancer. Of course, you don’t want to get skin cancer, right? It can also speed up the process of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Make Friends – People who tend to spend most of their time by themselves are exposed more to heart disease. As human beings, we need a strong network of friends and family. Have you ever wondered what happened to elderly people who no longer have much of friends? They suffer from loneliness. This tends to lead to depression. It is recommended for you to have your own set of friends whom you can hang out with. Because loneliness can cause inflammation. This problem can be as dangerous as smoking and high cholesterol.

Control Drinking Habit – Do not drink more than two to three drinks a day. For women, the maximum should be two and for men, that would be three. Anything more than that will lead to some serious health and emotional effects. Light drinking is recommended because alcohol – when drinking in moderation – can be good for the body. Make sure you control your quantity!

Eat Greens and Fruits – It is recommended for us to get at least three servings of vegetables and fruits a day. This can help with our health. Fruits and vegetables can help boost the immune system and lower the risk of heart disease. For women (even for men!), eating greens and fruits can decrease the risk of getting breast cancer. When taken daily at the minimum amount, vegetables and fruits can fight against wrinkles. This is definitely helpful for those who want to stay younger and feel healthier.

Focus on Daily Exercise – We believe there is no fountain youth but we could be wrong. However, if you insist on wanting to look younger, focus on fitness. A regular high-intensity exercise such as hiking and sprinting up is good for the bodies. Just by doing regularly work out can increase the chance of you having extra years of life. This is not entirely surprising because exercise can calm our mind and heart. Exercise can also better our metabolism system. Even if you have a busy schedule, go for a quick 20-45 minutes of walk each day can already help decrease the risk of heart problems.

Do Not Smoke – If you are a smoker, we recommend you to just quit it. There are just so many bad things that a pack of cigarettes can do to our bodies. This is the most important thing that you can do for yourself. If you want to live longer and healthier, it is never too late to stop the habit. By quitting smoking, you are slowing down diseases. You will also increase the odds of survival especially anything related to lungs.

Seven Foods to Help Live Longer

As we mentioned earlier, researchers found that natives of Okinawan in Japan are known to live longer. Why? This is due to their diets and habits. Did you also know that Seventh Day Adventists also live longer on average? If you wondered why and how the answer is simple. The food they are taking.

Some of the reasons why people suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are because of food. If you want to feel healthy and look younger, start by watching your diets. There are seven foods which you can take to help with the process.

Green Tea

How to live longer and healthierThis is the second most popular beverage around the world. The benefits of green tea include reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. It can lower the risk of death by up to 26% especially if consumed regularly.


How to live longer and healthierOf course, they taste somewhat bitter and sour. However, cranberries are well-known to increase the chance of longer lives up to 25%. They have so many benefits for your health.


How to live longer and healthier Those who snack on nuts tend to have live longer. Why? According to a research by Harvard University, eating nuts can reduce the risks of respiratory disease, heart disease and developing cancer.


How to live longer and healthierOmega-3 rich fish will help slow down your aging process. It does not matter how you prepare them. It can be on a bagel, baked or smoked, you need omega-3 rich fish. According to a study by Ohio State University, omega-3 rich fish could help control your telomeres.


How to live longer and healthierDue to their high levels of antioxidant, blueberries are also known as “superfood”. They are rich in polyphenols, which can help in extending a longer life. There was a research done related to polyphenols. It found out that the risk of death can be decreased to 30% just by taking plenty of polyphenols! Other than that, diabetes can also be prevented by getting enough antioxidant.

Olive Oil and Whole Grains

How to live longer and healthierThe Mediterranean Diet is well-known for using a lot of olive oil and whole grains. This super heart-healthy diet has proven that elderly people live longer by 20%. This is because their diet encourages people to eat more healthy fats, vegetables, and whole grains.


How to live longer and healthierAccording to a Dutch study, human beings can live longer by drinking at least half a glass of wine every day. Those who drink wine lightly were reported to live five years longer compared to those who didn’t. If you are looking to protect your heart against diseases, drink red wine. Red wine is known to have high levels of antioxidants.

This research-backed information will help you to control your diet. Of course in this real world, finding a fountain youth might not be easy, but diets can be one of the ways. Stop looking at the medicines in your cabinet. Go observe your food and see what you should change your diet.

Five Supplements to Help You Live Longer

We all understand that everyone is busy nowadays. Who have the entire five hours each day to cook proper dinner, right? However, if you are taking the right supplements, you enhance the chance of you living longer and healthier. There are so many supplements on the market. When choosing for supplements, make sure that it works well with your liver and heart. Find supplements that lift you up energetically and not make you want to sleep more.

Liver Support Plus

How to live longer and healthier

There are many benefits of taking this supplement. It helps to filter your blood and cleanse all the toxins. Liver Support Plus by Vital Balance is rich in milk thistle. It also has high levels of chanca peidra extract and artichoke extract. This supplement supports a healthy liver. It also promotes detoxification. The liver works the hardest compared to the rest of the organs in our bodies. Liver Support Plus is created in order to help liver filter, purify and detox the blood. It can also assist in metabolizing the fats and breaking down the hormones. Other than that, if you don’t have all the time to get yourself antioxidants, this supplement will fight the free radicals off your body easily.

You must be wondering what is the list of its ingredients? Vital Balance ensures that Liver Support Plus has the healthy blend of natural extracts. The main ingredients include beetroot, milk thistle, artichoke extract, yarrow, chanca piedrea extract, chicory root, and dandelion. This supplement does not require you to get a medical prescription prior to using it. In each bottle, it contains 60 capsules which can last you for one month. Most successful testimonials reported that the results could be observed within a couple of days. And, because the supplement is made with healthy, natural ingredients, there are no clinical reports about side effects. However, it is recommended for you to still talk to your medical professional before purchasing it.

Nootrogen Ultimate Nootropic

If you are in the middle age and looking to improve your memory call, get this supplement now. Some of its great benefits include assisting with improving focus, promote better feelings of relaxation and strengthen your memory. But before you go ahead and buy this product now, you have to understand what is Nootropic.

How to live longer and healthier

In order to be considered as a nootropic, there are two main specific criteria need to be met. It has to help in increasing the ability to recall memory and learn. And secondly, it should have very little or no side effects at all. Nootropic is the new generation’s smart drugs. For those who have a demanding elite lifestyle, smart drugs like Provigil and Modafinil are very popular among them. For examples, those who work as MMA fighters in the UFC, fighter pilots for the US Air Force, professional gamers or CEOS of big companies.

Nootropic by Nootrogen was created with these people in mind. In order to get this supplement, you do not need a medical prescription. The main ingredients include Dimethylaminoethanol, Glutamic acid, and Acetylcholine. Because the benefits are very powering, you can expect to see changes almost immediately. You will have a boost of memory and improved focus and concentration. This supplement will also increase the speed of your brain processing. Their study reported that subjects were able to perform effectively on performing memory recall test. Nootropic by Nootrogen will also be able to calm your nerves and anxiety.

Probiotic 40-Billion

For most people, digestion can be a major problem. But if your goal is to improve your digestive system naturally, then you should invest in Probiotic 40-Billion by Vital Balance. These pills will help in promoting healthier immunity system. It can also restore good bacteria to improve better digestive function.

How to live longer and healthier

The ingredients found in Probiotic 40-Billion are all natural and healthy. These pills are all made in the US and follow the strict guidelines properly. As we all already know, an imbalance in the gut from low levels of good bacteria can cause many health risks. The gut can become a breeding ground for parasites, fungi, viruses, yeast and bad bacteria. When you are taking probiotic supplements or probiotic-rich foods, your body will eliminate the bad bacteria easily. It will then replace them with the good bacteria.

Some of the natural ways to promote good bacteria include eating probiotic foods. These include fermented milk products, pickled vegetables, kefir, kombucha and fermented soy products. Bad bacteria comes from GMO foods, sugar, chemical and medication, emotional stress and gluten. If you suffer stomach pains most of the time, you should definitely invest in probiotics supplements or foods.

ProJoint Plus

Even if you are in the late 50s and your body seems to feel weaker, do not let that stop you. ProJoint Plus was created with people in the middle age as the targets. If you want to live a healthy life, make sure you have healthy joints. With this natural joint care supplement, you will be able to increase your mobility and flexibility.

How to live longer and healthier

The main ingredients in ProJoint Plus are all natural. In order to help consumers with their bodies’ flexibility, only herbal extracts are used in each of these capsules. The supplement is made in the USA with ingredients which can be found in Arthritis Foundation, Harvard Medical School, and Mayo Clinic Health System.

The benefits of taking ProJoint Plus supplement is empowering. It gives healing support if you have joint injuries. For those who are into running and extreme sports, the active ingredients found in the supplement will assist with better recovery. Also, it helps in aiding with healthy cartilage function and strengthening the joints.

Water Off

How to live longer and healthier

What is Water Off? It is another product by Vital Balance. It helps in removing excess water in the body so that you can slim down easily. The way that Water Off supplement works is by reducing the water retention. It also gives relief for bloating pain and promote weight loss in a better way. Each bottle has 60 capsules that are equivalent to one month of supply.

Fluid retention or better known as water retentions can be caused by many things. Toxins consumption, poor diet, and kidneys’ poor functionality can lead to fluid retention. Water Off supplement helps in reducing the water retention. It also enhances the vascularity by holding less water. This way it will make you look less puffy or bloated.

How to Do Things Better

How to live longer and healthier

It may seem like everyday habits are not important. But in order to live longer, you have to make a change in your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is already healthy, don’t bother to change anything. But if you have been living a bad, unhealthy lifestyle for so long, you should change it. It is time for us to recognize what is good for the body and who to do things better so that we can live longer.

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