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Light Therapy Device Benefits, Research & Mechanism of Action: Reviews of Light Therapy Devices

Sunlight does influence our health. We can suffer certain conditions from lack of exposure to the sunlight. How do you feel when you’re stuck in the house for three days with all the windows closed? Just the thought of not being able to feel the sunlight and its heat will make you feel stressed out.

The percentage of people suffering from temporary depression and lowered spirits is high. This is getting higher especially during fall and winter. You should consider getting a light therapy device if you suffer any of the conditions. In this article, we will talk about the light therapy device benefits, research, and mechanism of action. We will also do reviews of light therapy devices. By the end of this article, we hope you understand the benefits of having light therapy devices. We hope it will make your life better.

Benefits of Light Therapy Device

It is normal to hear that people in Nordic countries suffer winter blues due to lack of sunlight. This condition is scientifically known as seasonal depression. It is estimated that 2 to 10% of the population in these countries is affected by this disorder. What is the correlation between the symptoms of depression and sunlight exposure?

Light has a significant role in the regulation of our internal body clock. Certain patterns such as our sleeping cycles are being controlled by the amount of sunlight we are exposed to. The hormones’ secretion throughout the day is also controlled by this clock. Symptoms of winter blues can occur. This happens when your brain suffers chemical imbalances due to lack of sunlight.

Thus, making light therapy as an interesting option. Light therapy is a non-medicinal treatment. It is good for those who suffer lack of sunlight exposure. Problems such as jet lag and insomnia can also be treated with light therapy. You need to expose yourself to a light with an intensity of more than 2,000 lux per day. This way you can get all the benefits of light treatment. Most people started noticing the difference within the first week. But if you need an optimal response, you should do four weeks of treatment. The best way would be to constantly use it but on a weekly basis.

Types of Light Therapy

There are four most popular light therapy in the market. They are the red light therapy, blue light therapy, LED light therapy and bright light therapy. Each of these light therapies offers different types of solution to your problems.

Red Light Therapy

Light Therapy Device

One thing for sure, it does not produce heat. The process is painless. It involves emitting red light wavelengths at a low power directly through the skin. When it comes to using red light therapy devices, you must understand how it works. The red light can go through the skin to a depth of about 8 to 10 millimeters. At this point, the red light will have positive effects on your body. This includes multiple nervous system, cellular energy, and metabolic processes. Red light therapy is recommended for joint pain, hair loss, and acne. It is also good for wounds or incisions, wrinkles and skin discoloration. Red light therapy also fixes tissue damage or neurological damage.

Blue Light Therapy

Light Therapy DeviceThis is also another pain-free procedure. It helps in treating certain conditions on or just under the skin. Blue light therapy can be activated by using high-intensity light source and photosynthesizing drugs. We call this as photodynamic therapy. We know red light which can go through to a depth of about 8 to 10 millimeters. However, blue light therapy can only treat areas that light can reach. The purpose of blue light therapy is to treat sun damage and prevent skin cancer. It can also treat acne and even Seasonal Affective Disorder. Nowadays, blue light therapy devices can be purchased anywhere. They can be used at home to treat certain conditions. This help for those who are looking for affordable light therapy device.

LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy DeviceThis skin-care treatment is both relaxing and non-painful. It also has multiple of benefits such as treating acne and it also stimulates collagen. LED light therapy can easily be found at resort spas. But you can also find any LED light therapy devices easily on the market. LED treatments help in sending light energy at low level into the deeper parts of the skin layers. This is done by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes.

Each of LED treatment will last for about ten to twenty minutes. The treatment will usually have you to be escorted to a darkened room by a skin care specialist. Sometimes, the treatment involves using photosynthesizing drugs. The medication will be applied topically and directly to the treated area. In order for these drugs to work, you will need to leave the medication on the skin for a couple of hours or days. Regardless, you will still need to protect your skin by staying out of sunlight or other kinds of bright lights. You might have to stay indoors while you still have the medication.

Bright Light Therapy

Light Therapy DeviceSleep disorders can be treated with bright light therapy devices. Our bodies have the internal clock. This internal clock will alert our body. It helps our body to know when it is time to go to sleep or when it is time to wake up. The circadian rhythms are being controlled by our internal body clock. Our alertness, body temperature and the cycle of body hormones are all included in these rhythms. In the brain, this internal clock is situated right above an area where the nerves travel to our eyes. Scientifically, this area is known as SCN. By using bright light therapy devices, it helps in “resetting” an internal body clock that is off. The amount of light being used is safe and will not harm your eyes.

Reviews of Light Therapy Devices

We understand that not everyone can afford expensive light therapy treatments with specialists. But nowadays, we can easily purchase our own inexpensive light therapy devices. These devices can be used at home or anywhere that is convenient for you. The main point is you can easily operate these devices by yourself. We also provide reviews and comparison between light therapy devices for you to decide on.

Pain Relief Cold Laser Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

This Cold light therapy device has the lens that is glass-tempered. This Cold Laser delivers non-thermal (non heat) photons of light to the body to help relieving pain, treating skin and soft tissue injuries. It also helps in diminishing inflammation. This light therapy device focuses on treating back, neck, shoulder, knee or foot pain. It will help in circulating and accelerating the healing process. The device will laser the light into your skin. This action will improve the oxygen-carrying capacity. It also helps to regulate blood pressure. You should definitely get this device.

LumiWave Double Pain Relief Device

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

Weighing at 1.75 pounds, this portable light therapy device is available without the need for a prescription. It is also affordable for everyone. This device is clinically-proven to be able to relieve any pain in your body. LumiWave Double Pain Relief Device is a 400 LED near the infrared device. It also comes with automatic temperature. All you have to do is place the device on part of your body that is aching for a couple of minutes per day. You will start noticing the difference after the first week. It is recommended to be used on regular basis for at least four weeks to see the full result.

PARAGON – Anti-Aging Facial Skin Tightening Device

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

This beauty device comes with five lights and temperature skin therapy feathers. It is designed to professionally rejuvenate the skin. This device is built with diamond-infused energizing serum known as Hyaluronic Acid. This is designed in order to promote collagen production. It also assists in enhancing the effectiveness of the light treatment. This helps in order to achieve the ultimate result of a flawless look. PARAGON designed this device based on the NASA technology. It is also a non-invasive botox alternative. Definitely, a good choice if you want to diminish the problems related to acne, spots, and wrinkles!

Beauty Device Neck & Face Wrinkle Removal by WRINKLE

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

This device comes in blue, green, red and LED light. It is a massage therapy anti-aging skin care device. It is designed for shoulder, neck and other parts of the body. This beauty device comes with three-colored light massage modes. These lights help to stimulate the acupuncture points on your neck. They can also promote balanced blood circulation and better metabolism. They will also slow the aging process of your skin. It also helps in transporting the energy to every part of your skin.

Professional Facial Cleaning Photon Therapy Machine

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

What is better than having a device that resembles a giant book? Well, this machine does make you look like you’re reading a book while using it. There are three different light source effects. The blue light helps in improving the scar. The yellow light will assist in skin rejuvenation. The red light will recover skin flexibility, improve fine wrinkles and repair impaired skin. It can even improve dark complexion. If you need a machine that allows you to get the maximum result, go for this one!

AYO: Blue-Light Device

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

This device is wearable and it helps in making sure you sleep better. It can also boost your energy and beat jet lag. It provides short and gentle blue light therapy exposure and it will optimize the natural body rhythm. The AYO LED light is clinically proven to be safe even for the eyes. It is certified by TÜV Rheinland. Other than that, the technology follows the industry standards carefully.

Neuropathy Pain Relief Device

Light Therapy Device

Light Therapy Device

This Anodyne Infra-red light therapy is currently being used in more than 6000 professional clinics. It covers extra wide area and it can be operated hands-free. With clinical strength of 200MM depth of penetration, no other light therapy devices can challenge this one. If you suffer form nerve pain, you should get a Neuropathy Pain Relief Device. It can does wonders and magic to your body!

In a Nutshell

You should get light therapy devices if you suffer from certain conditions that require you to be exposed to sunlight. This way, you can minimize the risks of getting seasonal depression. You can also avoid any other kinds of health problems. Our bodies need light but due to the changes of weather, this can be very hard to achieve. But light therapy treatments seem to provide that alternative. We hope that you get a better insight on the light therapy device benefits, research & mechanism of action. Hopefully, by reading our reviews on the light therapy, you can decide on which to buy.


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