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Smart Ways to Use Laser Hair Growth for The Best Effect

In the past few years, laser hair growth products seem to become a new trend. Everyone wants to try laser-based devices. The products have been demanded so much that they can easily be found almost everywhere. When it comes to choosing laser hair growth devices, there are things need to be considered. Just by choosing the right product doesn’t mean you will get the best effect. You will also need to be smart in using them.

PictureDevice NameShipping WeightBest Price
Laser Cap GrivaMax Pro2724 pounds
Illumiflow Hands-Free Laser Hair Growth System
4 pounds
Lightweight Laser Hair Growth Helmet by iHelmet
1.1 pounds
iRestore MAX Hair Growth Kit
4.9 pounds

Find Out Hair Situation

First thing first is figuring out your hair situation. So many people thought that they can easily buy anything to help with hair growth. However, different people require different types of hair attention. Hair thinning can be caused by so many things including genetics. If you are able to figure out your hair situation, that would be better. Determine the symptoms and solutions. If needed, seek help from hair experts. Go to a dermatologist for more advice.

How to Choose the Best Laser Hair Growth Products

Choosing the right laser hair growth products can be intimidating. We figured that after years of trials and errors, we came to our top 4 favorite and best laser hair growth products.

Laser Cap GrivaMax Pro272

Best Laser Hair Growth

Best Laser Hair Growth

This cap is not just a normal cap. For hair therapy and promotion of follicles, this cap does great wonder. FDA-cleared and usually used in medical treatment, this is one of the best hair growth devices. So, how does this laser cap by GrivaMax actually work? The therapy cap has 272 diodes with red lights at the wavelengths of 650nm. This increases the reaction rates of biochemical. The total laser power of GrivaMax cap is 1360mW and the cost of one diode comes at approximately $4.

When they came up with laser therapy for baldness treatment, the devices were mainly used by doctors. Back in the 70s, only the rich and “elite” patients were able to afford this method. This is because the cost of using laser hair growth therapy was very high. However, as years passing by, manufacturers came with more devices. The best part about the products is how inexpensive they are. The current market offers us affordable and compact laser hats.

With GrivaMax Laser Cap, you can effectively fight baldness. It does not matter at what stage you are currently at, this therapy cap will be able to help you. It will also regenerate hair and promotes hair restoration. The power of the laser can awaken the growth of new hair easily. The hair that grows will look thicker and healthier too. Most patients reported starting seeing changes after 2-3 months of treatment. However, depending on each individual, some people can see changes in their first month.

The mechanism behind low-level laser is simple. It provides stimulation to the deep tissues. Due to radiation caused by 650nm wavelength, it activates nutrition and speeds up blood flow. This way it affects the hair follicle in a very healthy way. Because the hair follicles are saturated with nutrients, the hair begins to come back to life. In order to treat baldness problem, you will need to use a laser to allow more oxygen and nutrients. This way, you will start to notice the growth of new and better hair.

So what comes with GrivaMax laser cap package? The package comes with the laser therapy cap device itself. You will also get a rechargeable power bank battery pack at 5000 mAh among other things. If you are looking for a non-invasive hair treatment, this laser cap is definitely something to consider.

Illumiflow Hands-Free Laser Hair Growth SystemBest Laser hair growth

Best Laser hair growth

Another hair growth device that we really like is by Illumiflow. Just like GrivaMax, this product is also FDA-cleared. The built-in laser helps in improving cellular respiration. Thus, it stimulates better hair follicle cells. This affordable laser hair growth system can cover your full scalp with 148 premium laser diodes. Due to this, the device will help your scalp to be stimulated well. This will later produce healthier hair follicle cells.

This clinically-proven technology can provide up to 20,000 30-minutes of treatment. So, how does this therapy cap can help you? With its specific cold laser treatment, it emits steady rays of red light at 650nm at a good depth of 5mm. In order to treat baldness, you will need a laser that will be able to reach the base of your hair follicles. This process will automatically excite the scalp and activates it. The Illumiflow Laser Cap is also safe to use with any other hair growth products and devices. If you are already using medicated shampoos and conditioners, using Illumiflow Laser Cap should not interfere it.

How does Illumiflow laser cap help you to regrow your hair? It follows five simple ways to treat your scalp. The first way is by inhibiting the production of 5-alpha reductase. Next, the therapy cap can also activate the shock protein. This shock protein is scientifically known as HSP27. By using the laser cap, it allows the shock proteins to boost the growth of hair follicle stem cells. The laser cap will also boost the delivery of oxygen to every cell of your scalp. By binding two elements that caused hair loss equation, it moves oxygen on a cellular level. As a result, it lowers the respiration of cellular.

This laser hair growth cap therapy also helps in increasing the blood flow. As the treatment proceeds, it allows the cells to receive more oxygen. This process resulted in allowing the small capillaries to “breathe”. When they “breathe”, old blockages are being released. Therefore, it increases the blood flow. When blood flow is increased, it helps to grow new, healthier hair. Another focused effect of using red light for baldness is to cause acute inflammation. Even though too much of inflammation can cause more hair loss, smaller “doses” of this can actually treat it. When you allow smaller “doses” of inflammation to happen, it gets rid of the old hair and grows the new hair.


Lightweight Laser Hair Growth Helmet by iHelmetBest Laser hair growth

Best Laser hair growth

This particular device is created equally for both men and women. FDA-cleared and comes with unique smart APP control, it uses low-level laser treatment system to activate your hair scalp. The high precision sensor technology will assure the laser to be able to work in all seasons. This is because the environment temperature affects the laser power. Pretty smart, right?

The principle of this treatment is by speeding up the blood circulation of the scalp. This way, it helps in improving the blood supplies to the scalp itself. It is good because it assists in relieving the nervous brain scalp. This smart system for hair regrowth is clinically-proven to be safe and has no side effects. Not that we are aware of. According to the manufacturer, so far there is no one clinical report about side effects of using the hair growth helmet. Thus, making this helmet safe for patients who suffer from hair loss.

The guide for using is pretty straight to the point too. All you have to do is make sure that the helmet is fully charged before using it. Then, turn the power switch on. If it is green and flashing, then it is on. Other than that, you will also need to download the iHelmet app before using it. This application can be found on both Android and IOS. All packages come with full instruction for users. So you don’t have to worry about not understanding anything.

The progressive stages of using this laser hair regrowth helmet can be tracked up to 12 months. The first stage would always be diminishing the inflammation. Within 1 to 3 months, the helmet will reduce hair loss percentage. Then, within 2 to 4 months, you will start seeing your hair loss stop completely. The hair will start to grow in the 3rd month all the way to the 6th month. After using the helmet for more than 8 months, you will see the healthier hair is maintained. At just 500 grams of weight, this helmet is very light and you can easily bring it with you to anywhere.


iRestore MAX Hair Growth Kit

Best Laser hair growth

Best Laser hair growth

If you are looking for a complete hair growth kit, we recommend iRestore products. They are all FDA-cleared and can be used by both men and women at different hair stages. The company is very confident with their products that they even offer 100% of money back guarantee if customers can prove that their products are unsuccessful. The laser system by iRestore is risk-free and results can usually be observed after 6 months of constant use.

If you want to stop hair loss, regrow fuller hair and get better hair quality, get iRestore MAX Hair Growth Kit. The products are drug-free and can effectively cure hair loss without all the negative side effects. The hair growth helmet is engineered to be lightweight, durable and comfortable. You can go about your day uninterrupted due to its hands-free design. So you can always save time by doing all important kinds of stuff and still treat your scalp. Even though the results vary, most people reported seeing visible growth between 3 to 6 months.

So, how does iRestore laser hair growth helmet really work? As explained by laser specialist, Dr. Adrian Larsen, the light energy is absorbed by hair follicles. This way it helps to enhance the metabolism rate of the cell and it increases production of energy. As a result, the growth phase of hair is being extended by this biochemical process. It reactivates dormant hairs in order to fight against hair thinning, balding and receding hairline.

In order for you to see the results quickly, use the device 25 minutes per day. The directions of use are pretty simple. Place the device on your head just like wearing a helmet. Make sure it is secured and comfortable. Then, press the “Start” button to begin your session. Once your 25 minutes session is complete, the device will shut off automatically. This device is for someone who is willing to invest money and patience into seeing the results. If you want an instant solution, this device will not grow your hair back overnight.

How to Enhance the Effect of Laser Hair Growth Products

Best Laser hair growth

Despite all the devices in the market, choosing the right products is very important. Your hair will only grow properly with the right type of laser. When shopping for laser hair growth products, pick the one with laser diodes. Not LEDs. If you make a mistake at choosing other light sources, you won’t be able to see the correct result.

In order to enhance the effect of laser hair growth products, you must understand the simple calculation. To affect Alopecia at V stage, you will need between 270 to 300 laser diodes to treat it. It is not enough to just put some LED lights in a laser hat and describe it as hair growth treatment. It needs to have at least 272 red laser diodes with LLLT 650nm. Only by meeting this can you claim a device as a hair growth therapy device. Treatments for hair growth should never exceed 60 minutes. No matter how bad your baldness problem is, never ever try to exceed more than 30 minutes per session. Longer sessions can cause more health problem. Therefore, always be aware of the timing whenever using laser hair growth devices.

Other than that, you will also need to watch your diet, stress level, and other health problems. Often, the reasons behind baldness are due to underlying illnesses and body problems. Pay attention to your own body and seek medical experts when needed. If you want to see quicker and better results, it recommended for you to speak to hair experts first. Even though devices for hair growth can easily be purchased anywhere; especially on the internet, you need to understand your hair situation.

Also, using laser hair growth devices alongside medicated shampoos and conditioners are always recommended. Choose your products wisely because the wrong ones might cause more of hair loss. Some manufacturers or companies do offer shampoos and conditioners kit for the hair. However, if they do not have the hair kit, you can safely use another product from different brands. But just like any other products, always ensure that your skin is not allergic to any of the products.


Our Honest Last Advice

You must also understand that some hair loss problem is completely normal. In order to get better hair, sometimes you do need to get rid of the old blockages. Normally, we should be losing hair between 50 to 150 strains per day. More than this is considered not normal. This is when baldness becomes the main problem. According to research, about 93% of hair is still in the growth phase. The other 6% is considered in the hair loss phase. Therefore, if you see a little bit of hair loss here and there, do not worry too much. It is completely normal.

As time passes by, your hair should recover by itself. But if your hair is still falling, you can start looking for solutions. Usually, those with shorter hairstyles tend to have less noticeable hair loss problem. But for those with longer hair, thinning can seem catastrophic. Just understand this – it is completely normal and you should be accepting of it. There are so many new technologies being invented in order to treat hair loss. If you follow all of the tips stated above, your hair will eventually grow back healthily. With hair loss problem, it is wise to understand that it takes patience and perseverance in order to see the results. But at the end of the day, it is worth it.

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