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Discover New Ways to Treat Acne: Top Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Acne can be pretty embarrassing. When it stays for a long time, it can be frustrating trying to get rid of it. If you are experiencing the hormonal acne, you can try some natural and traditional remedies to help you fight against it. Or better yet, some of the light therapy home devices are designed to deal with acne.

In this post, we will discuss about multiple aspects of acne. What causes acne, how to treat it and when should you start dealing with it. Majority of people do not know how to treat acne. However, if today’s technology, there are so many ways on how you can do this. If you learn about the causes of acne, you will possibly able to handle your skin problem better.

Our information in this article will help you understand more about it. We will also give reviews of light therapy devices that can help you treat your acne. Without further ado, read on to find out more information about treating acne.

What is Acne?

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Acne is the world’s most common skin problem. Majority of people will experience this at some point of their lives. Although it is pretty common, information about it can be scarce. Thus, resulting in difficulties trying to treat acne. Both women and men want clearer skin which is free of acne.

The cause of this skin disorder is due to the inflammation of hair follicles and skin glands. Often, puberty will bring the worst of acne symptoms. Sometimes, genes play important roles as well. If your parents struggle with acne, you will most likely to experience this too. When it comes to acne treatments, the process falls into four different categories.

Category One: Cleansing and Exfoliating

The most common myth about the formation of acne is that you don’t wash enough. However, washing too much can be irritating to the skin. Your blackheads and whiteheads can be affected by too much washing. Thus, it can cause more infection and pimples. Gentle washing is important. You should pick the right products for your skin.

Some of the most commonly used products include Neutrogena, Cetaphil, and Aveeno. They can come in the forms of foam and liquid cleansers or acne bars. By washing properly, you enhance the possibility of your skin to be acne-free. If you have a terribly bad acne problem, it is also recommended for you to visit a dermatologist for more inspection.

When it comes to exfoliating, it helps in removing the dead skin cells. It is very important in order to achieve a healthy skin. After you wash your face with a proper mild cleanser, always exfoliate your face. However, do not overdo this. You can use facial scrub one to two times in a week. This way, your skin will be free of clogged pores. This is because exfoliation helps in reducing the debris and dead skin cells.

Category Two: Become Oil-Free User

It is very crucial for you to understand the danger of using too many oily products. All of your sunscreens, lotions and cosmetics product should be oil-free. You can use oil-free lotion in order to avoid dry skin. For your hair, try to avoid hair gels, as these can be very oily. Some of the good sunscreens include Coppertone Oil-Free Sunscreen or Neutrogena products.

By becoming oil-free, it helps you to reduce the chances of you having them on your skin. Hair products can cause your skin to be exposed to oil. Thus, the build-up of dirt can happen. If your skin has more dirt than usual, acne can form easily too.

Category Three: Using Medications

There are two most commonly used medications that treat acne. They are Benzoyl Peroxide, Retin-A, antibiotics and Accutane.

Benzoyl Peroxide can be commonly found in most pharmacies. The purpose of Benzoyl Peroxide is to kill the bacteria. If left untreated, acne can get worse. Benzoyl Peroxide will heal the acne pimples and unplug oil ducts. The right way to use it is by applying 5% of lotion or gel every day. Do this every night after you wash your face. After the first week, increase it by applying it twice a day. If your acne is not getting better after a month, increase it to 10%. You also can easily get it without a doctor’s prescription at most pharmacies.

Retin-A is both available at the local drug store or through a doctor’s prescription. You may notice that your skin become dry and red when using it. In most cases, your skin will start peeling too. This is normal. If the side effects are chronic, ask your doctor to switch your medications. Retin-A should only be used at night. This is because Retin-A will cause your skin to become more sensitive. When exposed to the sun, you can expect to get sunburn. Always apply for more protection when being outdoors. In order to see improvement, allow two to three months for it to happen. Always be patient and follow the right instructions.

Antibiotics are very helpful to treat acne that is very stubborn. If you have tried other medications and they’re not working, try antibiotics. Acne that is swollen and red can be treated with antibiotics too. Their purpose is to kill the bacteria. When taking the pills, always drink plenty of water. Ensure that you follow your doctor’s instructions. A side effect of taking antibiotics include sensitive skin. Therefore, always be prepared with extra sun protection when outdoors.

Accutane helps in treating acne and it is very strong. You can only get it with a prescription from a doctor. This powerful pill is prescribed for severe acne problem. If you have tried other medications and they didn’t work, Accutane might be for you. When taking Accutane, you should expect to get a blood test done regularly. This is because it can affect the number and levels of your blood cells. For women, you need to prove that you are on two forms of birth control. This is because Accutane can affect the development of pregnancy. In some cases, it can be harmful or even fetal. Do not be surprised to find that some physicians will not prescribe it at all.

Treating Acne with Light Therapy Home Devices

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

There has been a trend of acne patients using light therapy to treat their skin. If you are not familiar with light therapy, you should start looking into them. Blue light therapy is what most dermatologists use in their clinics. They have been using it for decades now. However, at-home devices have been introduced for years now. This is to allow the users to still reap the benefits from it for a fraction of the cost.

A device from Neutrogena will cost you only about $35 each. This way, you can still treat your acne and still not overspend your money. Blue light therapy home devices are the most sought after. The reason why is because it is clinically proven to be effective in treating acne. It can heal the skin from the inside. How does it work? The blue light will kill the bacteria by penetrating the hair follicles and pores of the skin. This bacteria is the reason why inflammation happens. If left untreated, they will cause severe acne.

What About Red Light Therapy?

If you are wondering whether or not red light can be used, the answer is yes. Some devices have a purple glow and this is normal. They use both the combination of red and blue lights. Red light is known to stimulate collagen and promote anti-aging. When use alongside blue light, you can expect a better chance of treating acne.

The question is, “Who are light therapy devices best for?

The answer is simple: Those who suffer from mild to moderate acne can use light therapy home devices easily. If the acne is severe with cysts and deep scars, we don’t recommend at-home devices. Although exposing your skin to the light may seem harsh, they are not painful at all. As a matter of fact, they are better than taking medication pills. Below, we have compiled 7 best and affordable light therapy devices for acne treatment:

dpl IIa Professional Wrinkle Reduction and Acne Treatment Light Therapy

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

This device will help in eliminating flairs of acne. It also enhances your skin tone and texture. It will also reverse fine lines and wrinkles. dpl IIA has clinically tested and proven it medically to be used to treat acne. If you are a Rosacea sufferer, this is your best device to use. This light therapy will also assist in decreasing sun damage on your skin. The product comes with the device, goggles, power supply and a leather storage bag.

reVive LED Light Therapy Acne Treatment System

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

The purpose of this device is to eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. This LED light therapy device will deep-penetrate the skin. As a result, it will create cleaner and clearer skin. It has 60 LEDs of maximum coverage. When they designed this device, it means in order to improve the skin tone. It will give a healthier skin and more youthful appearance.

Trophy Skin BlueMD Blue LED Acne Light Therapy Beauty Device

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

All you need is at least 20 minutes per day. The benefits of using this device include:

  • Clearing acne breakouts
  • Diminishing pore size
  • Preventing future breakouts
  • Decreasing congestion and blackheads
  • Balancing oil production and sebum

Blue MD is a light therapy device that is both safe and effective. Dermatologist uses this skincare technology to treat acne. If used regularly, you will start noticing your skin to be clearer and blemish-free. It is painless and non-invasive. Whether you are a man or woman, this home device will benefit your skin really well.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask Activator

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

You should use this mask activator alongside Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask. Each of this activator can last thirty of a 10-minute session. It helps in clearing the acne and allowing the skin to heal. You can find it at most dermatologists’ clinics. Prior to using it, always cleanse and dry your face. To enhance the possibility of you getting clearer skin, use it every day. It is 100% chemically-free and suits all skin types.

Swantis 7 Color LED Light Facial Mask

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

This mask comes in 7 different colors and functions. Blue is for sterilization and inhibits inflammation. Green is for a row of edema and reduces skin grease. Red is for whitening and to treat skin wrinkles. Cyanine is to promote metabolism. Purple helps in removing scars caused by acne. Yellow gives energy to the skin. White will remove the freckles. To get the best result, use this mask about 20 minutes per day. You will start seeing a good result between 3-5 weeks. This mask will not only provide you healthier skin but also a relaxing mind and body.

Pulsaderm Acne-Clearing Mask

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

The technology in this mask will help in treating acne breakouts. This light therapy mask is 100% safe for daily use and FDA-approved. It is a non-UV device and comes in both red and blue lights. The combination of both lights has been proven to heal the skin better. This is because both LED light will attack the acne at its core. When used regularly, it will free the skin from bacteria and lead to a healthier skin. The package includes the mask, goggles, and batteries.

Pulsaderm ACE – Acne Clearing Eraser LED Therapy

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

Light Therapy Devices for Anti Acne

The A.C.E stands fro Acne Clearing Eraser. This at-home device is completely safe to use for anyone from the age of 14 and above. It does not use any chemicals and completely non-invasive. FDA approved this device and it will not harm your skin. Just like most acne devices, it combine both blue and red LED lights. With its revolutionary way of healing, it can easily clear out inflammation. The best part about this device is how small it is. You can put in your bag and carry it with you anywhere you go.

Making The Right Choice

If you are looking for the right device, make sure you look for FDA-approved products. This is because these devices have been tested and approved for public use. Other than using light therapy device for acne, you should also incorporate healthier skin routine. Use better products and drink plenty of water. The most common mistake a person might do is thinking that devices can help them miraculously. However, you still need to put in effort into making sure your diet and skin care routine align well with them too.

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